A Horizon Ag Research has five small plot seeders; a Zurn D72 No-Till drill with 7 Pillar Laser Openers; a Custom built No-till drill which is a 2m unit with 10” row spacing and air (Wintersteiger cone 6 rows and the ability to side band fertilizer 1” below and 1” to the side); a Fabro No-Till Drill with 6 openers on 11″ spacing; a corn planter and a 8′ SeedMaster drill with quad boot for multiple fertilizer, inoculant and seed combinations.

A Horizon Ag Research has two Zurn 150 Plot combines with H2 HarvestMaster systems for the highest quality weight, test weight and moisture testing on the market today.

New to the equipment lineup are two Zurn 550 Tool carriers used for swathing and high clearance spraying

We are able to spray product using 2, 3 or 6m hand booms, an 8, 10 or 20m  sprayer or a 1.5m covered 3 point hitch.


A Horizon also has a new DJI Mavic 3M Multispectral drone and a DJI Mavic 2 Pro drone for drone imagery analysis and trial photography