A Horizon Ag Research has three small plot seeders; a Zurn D72 No-Till drill with 7 Pillar Laser Openers; a Custom built No-till drill which is a 2m  unit with 10” row spacing and air (Wintersteiger cone (6 rows) and the ability to side band fertilizer 1” below and 1” to the side); and a 8′ SeedMaster drill with quad boot for multiple fertilizer, inoculant and seed combinations.


The combines are a Wintersteiger Nurserymaster Expert with a Harvest Master and a 2020 Zurn 150 with H2 Harvestmaster. 

We are able to spray product using 2, 3 or 6m hand booms, an 8, 10 or 20m  sprayer or a 1.5m covered 3 point hitch.


A Horizon also has a DJI Mavic Pro drone for trial photography