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A Horizon Ag Research Ltd. is based east of Saskatoon close to the town of Colonsay, Sk. A Horizon operates out of two locations, each with distinct growing conditions and soil types (dark brown and black soil zones respectively). A Horizon Ag Research will be able to conduct herbicide efficacy, tolerance and recropping trials, fungicide efficacy and seed treatment trials, inoculant trials, variety trials, fertility trials and demonstration field trials. Since A Horizon Ag Research is centrally located, there is the possibility to conduct field trials in other soil zones as required.


Taryn Heidecker joined A Horizon Ag Research in 2019. Previous small plot experience includes both germplasm and pesticide trials. Taryn’s MSc. project at the U of S involved phenotyping diverse lentil germplasm in Saskatchewan as part of the larger AGILE (Application of Genomic Innovation to the Lentil Economy) project.

Michael Steckler PAg is the owner and Research Manager with A Horizon Ag Research. Michael has worked in the crop protection industry conducting field research since 2006 following the completion of his MSc in Soil Science from the U of S.

He has extensive experience in small plot research, particularly with pesticide registration and demonstration work.